To a friend and a comrade for life.

Love for this breed began with Xena, a fawn boxer female, that I received a gift at her twelfth anniversary. She was a true „Warrior Princess” – spoiled, beloved, determined, protective and vengefull. Qualities that she showed during the 12 years he spent together.

Years passed quicklly, with joy,and happines . Until she got very  sick in her last years. Even on the last day of her life she played with me as we used to in the beginning. In my soul there will always be a place for her.

Years passed, I graduated, I became a neurosurgery resident, I got married, but the love for this breed continued to burn. In 2015 I decided to buy a German Boxer puppy. I decided to take the puppy from Horatiu Rad, owner of the Ade-Box kennel. That’s how our “first child” came home. She became  the big sister on 17.01.2017 when our daughter is born, and as expected it was “love at first sight” between the two girls.

With Horatiu’s help I entered the world of cynology, winning the respect and appreciation of the referees and the other exhibitors. That’s when the idea of ​​my own kennel is born.

In  June 6, 2017, Deisy gives birth to 4 males and one female (Ade-Box „G” litter) all beautiful, typical, healthy specimens. Now the following decision becomes clear: Establishment of the German Boxer Kennel „Stoneland Box”, combining two of the three loves of my life, my beloved wife, born in Belis Cluj county, and the Boxer